Security Services

Corporate Security Services
Although the natural reaction might be to call the police in an instance of trespass on company property, it's a fact that response times are simply too ineffective when it comes to stopping an immediate threat. Our on-site security officers are on-hand and ready to deal with events as and when they happen, serving as the eyes and ears of the building, with fully-trained staff able to detect any suspicious activity and act appropriately to neutralise any perceived danger.

Door Supervisors
The effective door supervisors we provide display excellent communication skills and a strong awareness of the venue or event they are supervising. The ability to meet customer expectations through their reassurance of safety and their understanding of risk management is essential for the smooth running of any venue.

Event Security
This is where our highly professional and multi-skilled security personnel come in to their own. Adding confident, perfectly presented, polite and friendly security professionals to your event team is a must for any event that wants to be successful and taken seriously.

Highly professional event security personnel implementing well planned security arrangements will give your event a feel of complete authenticity. It will also ensure it meets the exacting standards of modern day compliance and any legal obligations.

Residential Security
Deterring unwanted visitors and preventing criminal damage is the goal. Vacant properties can be extremely vulnerable in terms of criminal activity like metal theft, vandalism and squatting, especially in rural areas. However, there are ways to make a vacant property a less appealing target to would-be criminals.

Retail Security
We can provide clients with a full range of security services including store detectives, uniformed security officers and loss prevention officers. We are already well-established in the London and is continuing to grow and operate across the country. We have an excellent reputation for its top quality security services, supporting customers with loss prevention and helping ensure that their retail security is second-to-none.

Security Guards
So if you have something valuable that needs protecting don’t leave it to chance, contact us today. The security guards we provide are so much more than just a deterrent. We offer the most effective security measures and the best protection you can get against intruders, thieves and violent criminals.